Types of cements


Types of cement

Cementos Barrero, S.A. currently manufactures four types of cement as you can see in the following table:

Types of cement Designation Composition
K (%) L (%) Minority components (%)
CEM I 52,5R Portland Cement 95-100 —— 0-5
CEM I 42,5R/SR 3 Special Cement 95-100 —— 0-5
CEM II/A-L 42,5R Portland cement with limestone 80-94 6-20 0-5
CEM IV/B(V) 32,5N Portland cement with Ash 45-64 36-55 0-5

The four cements have the certificate of conformity that is mandatory to market the product, and Cementos Barrero SA is distinguished from other independent mills being the pioneer to request the AENOR product certificate because so far only multinationals owned the mark. After a long process that encompassed sampling, audits, extraordinary inspections, etc. the first N brand was granted to CEM II/A-L 42.5R on 21-03-2006, and subsequently applied in November 2008 for cement CEM I 52.5R to be granted the marks on 26-02-2009 and currently we have been given the N brand for cement I 52.5R/SR on 07-10-2010.

Monthly sampling of cements with brand (CE-marked cement sampling every two months is performed) is done at the factory and analyzed in an accredited laboratory to assess whether cements meet the standard UNE-EN 197-1 and UNE-EN 197-2.

Moreover annually we have two AENOR external audits (1st and 2nd semester), to verify that the factory works according to the established proceedings, in the quality manual and the technical instructions, to evaluate the laboratory, study the calibration of all factory equipment, etc.