Our facilities

Cementos Barrero S.A. started its activity in 2003 with the launch of its cement grinding plant, built with the latest technology and a capacity of 1,000,000 tons / year.

The facilities are comprised of a 45,000 tons of clinker storage warehouse and a 30,000 ton silo and other storage silos for the different additives. This matter goes to our 150-t/h-production ball-mill, from where the cement is stored in one of our 4 silos with 7,500 tons of capacity each.

These silos feed our 5 automatic bulk loading points for trucks and our bagging plant. The plant consists of two automatic bagging and palletizing lines with capacities of 3,000 and 3,600 bags / hour respectively, which are stored in our 3,500 ton capacity warehouse.

All processes are conducted under strict quality, safety and respect for the environment procedures.

Since its inception, Cementos Barrero, S.A. has continued to invest in technological advances to improve their production systems and control elements, thus ensuring the quality of our products and enriching the service to our customers.

If you like to have a guided tour of our facilities, please send us an email to cebasa@cebasa.com


Our silos have more than 40.000Tm capacity.